Welcome to FFL info page

We will galdly accept firearms for transfer from other shops, auctions and private party. Please email us at your FFL of choice you are sending from. If sending from a private party we will still accept the item. We will require a COLOR copy of the Current and Valid Drivers license of the owner sending the firearm along with phone number for veification.  We will run background check on ALL Firearms received from non-FFL's (because they should be doing this) to ensure items are not stolen.
COST: Civilian $20 for up to three item (one handgun max per five days)
            Military Veteran, Retired, Active and 1st Responders $15 (one handgun max per five days)
Transfer Rewards: Every 6th transfer is FREE!!

If you have more than three items to transfer please contact us at FFL@GFRLLC.COM or call 540-200-8739 for more information on costs.

Due to changes in Virginia law as of July 1st 2020. 
We will gladly assist in Person to Person (P2P) transfers. We will run a background check on the FIREARM being sold. Log it in. Then run a background check on the buyer. Once both have passed background checks the transaction is good to go to move forward. 
COST: ALL TYPES $10 per item. Doesnt matter who pays, buyer, seller, 50/50, as long as someone does.