No. Item must be picked up by the person named on the shipping information. NO EXCEPTIONS. Its considered a straw purchase and illegal.
No, and Hell NO. Once you have been denied that weapon will need to be returned to the seller. ENSURE you know you are legal before ordering. Some sellers will not refund you for failure to pass the backgrounbd check. Having someone else attempt to pick up a firearm you are known to have been denied for, is a straw purchase and both of you can be charged.
A Valid Government issued picture ID that is at least 30 days old. For handguns this must be a Virginia ID. Military must have a Copy of their PCS orders with their home state ID to be treated as a VA resident. ( no TDY or school orders) 
As long as you a valid Green Card and State ID, you are still eligible. For not immigrant Visas call to get more info.
We must have proof of current address. This can be Voter Registration. Current Utility bill. Vehicle registration. Any other Govt issued form/mailing. Hunting license, etc. will work if current and valid. No P.O. Box addreses are not allowed.
For handguns and stripped receivers- 21yr For Shotguns, Rifles and other long guns-18
Virginia is particulary hard on DV cases. Even misdemeanor convictions will disqualify you.
For "Standard Handgun" calibers- 21yr For typycal Longgun calibers- 18yr
Yes. It is still illegal Federally, to use, controlled substances and possess or attempt to possess firearms. You can be charged, and your information will be turned over to the ATF upon request. Yes, VA does cross reference the Medical use cards to State Police Checks.
As of July 1, 2020, you are only allowed to get 1 (ONE) handgun (revolver, semi auto, derringer, etc) every 30 days. Not calendar days. If however you have a VALID Virginia Conceal Carry or you are Virginia Law Enforcement you exempt from the limit.
By Federal law if you get more than 1 (ONE) handgun (pistol, revolver, semi auto, etc...) within a five day period, we are REQUIRED by law to take your information: Name Address SSN Items bought, serials and models and then Forward that information directly to the ATF and the Local LAW Enforcement Chief within 24 hrs. This creates a gun registry we do not support, and much more extra work for us, to be able to keep our costs down we have made the decision since our founding to not support this and tell you up front (unlike most shops) that this is something happening.